The Thiang Residence has one of the most beautiful human emotions at base: the love for family. This home was carefully thought out to accommodate a big, united family under one roof. Three generations share the same living space that allowing everyone to feel at home. The space between the two buildings is divided by communal gardens. Large open interiors are accentuated by the many light sources, both natural and artificial. Located in Melbourne, Australia, the Thiang Residence reunites many tastes into one gorgeous home. Different materials used in building and decorating this home offer a delicious mixture: different types of wood, glass and stone.

Large windows fill the large living areas with light and warmth while the gardens offer serenity. On the first floor, a large central block of storage space shelters the stairs leading up to the second floor, where teh bedrooms are. Wooden floor dominate the first floor and are visible all throughout the house. There are no carpets in the living space downstairs – natural light can touch every fibre of the wood. Bojan Simic Architecture office were the ones who brought three generations under one beautifully modern roof.: “The brief included expansive, light filled, easily accessible spaces with low maintenance finishes for the clients and living flexibility for their growing family. The completed buildings conform to the clients functional requirements as well as their cultural heritage with contemporary interpretations of traditional oriental built forms.”