We’ve recently received an e-mail from Hearth Cabinet™, a fireplace company based in New York, showcasing their innovative Ventless Fireplace: According to the designers,” too often consumers mistakenly believe that they cannot have a fireplace because their home or apartment does not have a chimney or flue. “With Hearth Cabinet™, it is possible for any residence or commercial site to feature the warm glow of a real, crackling fire. The Hearth Cabinet™ is a ventless fireplace system that burns a patent pending alcohol fuel cartridge. You don’t need a gas line or a chimney and it does not use electricity. There is a real flame but there is no smoke. To light a fire you open the lock on the patent pending safety door, insert the cartridge into the holder and light it with a long match or BBQ lighter. You get a beautiful golden yellow fire without smoke that lasts about two hours. When the fire is out you can recycle the metal cartridge. The system comes with a snuffer plate so you can put the fire out at any time.

The ventless fireplaces are said to be 100% safe and eco-friendly. They are available in traditional and contemporary standard modular designs that fit any style surround or mantel. For now, the company’s products have received approval in New York, but this idea definitely creates opportunities for more and more spaces to have access to a cozy room with a fireplace.