Dar Hi is a hotel like no other. Located in a tiny village named Nafta, at the edge of the Sahara desert in Tunisia and overlooking a palm-tree oasis, Dar Hi is a place where one can get away and enjoy a thorough mind and body rejuvenation. The uncommon project (eco-retreat and spa) was parented by Parisian designer Matali Crasset, who stated: I wanted to develop a small hotel in the desert where you could slow down, take the time to reflect and enjoy simple things.  Nefta is only a two-hour-and-fifteen-minute flight from Paris, Lyon, Nice or Milan, but you feel like you’ve arrived at the end of the world. Dar Hi has a very diverse interior design and consists of 17 boldly colored accommodation units based on 4 different concepts: air (elevated houses overlooking the oasis), troglodyte (rooms with furniture made from stone), dune (rooms located close to the sand) and traditional. There is an odd and fascinating room for every taste within this highly intriguing hotel. Check out the photos for stunning design details!- via designboom