If you are trying to make the interiors of your home have more jazz and excitement, adding stripes is the way to go. From bright and bold ones, to subtle thin ones, stripes can be playful, dramatic or subtly noticeable. For homes that like a presence and a conversation starter, stripes can bring out your personal style without being over the top! From kid’s room and home offices to family rooms and kitchens, stripes can be used in any room, and here are a few ways how.

  • Mixing stripes and patterns: Some think that stripes and patterns shouldn’t be mixed. Believe it or not, if you use the same colors throughout your space, you can mix and match stripes and patterns beautifully. If you have bold stripes on the wall, opt for smaller print textiles and furnishing coverings. For more subtle stripes, pair these with bolder and bigger print. You will be surprised by the beautiful pairings.
  • Bold stripes add drama: If you’re trying to add a powerful presence to your space, wide bold stripes are for you. Depending on what color combination you’d like to use, stripes can be contrasting in color, or pick colors in the same hue to create a softer appeal, but still draw attention. Choose contrasting colors like black and white, or light and dark colors to command visual eye interest.
  • Subtle stripes can be gorgeous: If you like stripes but prefer a lighter side, choose colors that are pastels, or use tone on tone color varieties of one color. For an easy do it yourself project, paint an entire wall in your favorite color, wait a day for the paint to completely dry. Come back and tape off stripes and paint using a glaze or faux finish paint that will lighten the underlying color. Once you remove the tape, you will be left with subtle stripes that aren’t overbearing!
  • Vertical or horizontal? There are several theories to the direction to put stripes in a room. Vertical stripes are said to make your room feel taller and horizontal stripes are said to make the room feel larger. Depending on the quantity of natural light in your space and how much of your wall is covered by furniture, wall art etc… will help dictate if these effects occur in your home too. Get inspiration from home décor magazines to try and mimic a look you are trying to achieve.

Stripes in your interiors are an added bonus to a space that doesn’t require a lot of work, but can deliver a big punch. If you don’t feel comfortable taping off your walls with straight lines, ask a friend to help that has a leveler. The electric beam levels work the best and you can tape off the line as the beam guides you!  Wallpaper and faux finishes can also achieve stripes or similar affects to stripes. See how creative you can be, stripes will showcase your space in a whole new light!

Freshome reader’s do you have stripes in your home interiors? Tell us how you chose them. Do you like them bold, or prefer them softer? We’d love to hear from you.