The RM House –  also called the Remy Menzaghi House – is located on the outskirts or Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Designers from Andres Remy Arquitectos built this astonishingly designed home for a young couple and their two kids. Bamboo insertions throughout the house make a bold statement of comfort and love for nature. Best suited for those who appreciate its subtle elegance, the house is filled with unusual corners that only increase its mystery. Unlike other homes, the RM House combines a soothing interior comfort with a strong and imposing outside design. Grey was apparently the best colour for the outside walls – it goes great with the undulating blue surface of the pool and with the green lawn in the backyard.  The interior is filled with natural light coming from the large windows and wooden floors seem to sweeten the rough edges and corners. Distinguished and elegant, this house must make an impression. Which one do you like more: the outside or the inside?