A wall fountain will bring tranquility and a touch of nature into any indoor setting with the gentle flow of water. The sense of relaxation they bring to any room is wonderful for any stressful environment like an office or for any room in your home you go to unwind. There are a range of different materials used in wall fountains and slate is one of the most elegant natural stone surfaces used that offers many varieties to choose from. Slate Wall Fountains are similar to beautiful paintings you hang on the walls of your home, but in the fountain’s case the canvas was made completely by nature.

Every wall fountain that features a real slate surface is like an original piece of art work made by nature because each slate surface has variations in color and texture. Not only is each slate surface slightly different from the next but there are so many different designs used by fountain manufacturers that any fountain you put in your home will be different from any other slate water features, exactly how a piece of art should be. With so many options in size, frame finish, and slate color, you can customize slate wall fountains to suit your taste and home decor.

There are so many size options available for slate wall fountains to fit any size room that you can choose anything from a small vertical fountain for the bathroom to a massive three slab slate wall fountain to cover a whole wall of your living room. Also available to choose from when selecting the perfect natural piece of slate artwork are a variety of slate colors; including green, black, and rajah. Just like any picture or painting you can also pick what type of frame you want on your natural slate wall fountain, which can include finishes like stainless steel, rustic copper, and antique black copper.

With your own unique slate wall fountain, you can accent any room in your home or even you work place. Slate Wall Water Features will provide a natural touch that calms and relaxes any environment while the recirculation water humidifies and purifies the air. These wonderfully natural fountains will not only look beautiful in your home but they will provide you and your family with a sense of relaxation and tranquility that is much needed in today’s busy world.