Since Dover Esplanade in Kent, England was in need of a re-design that would refresh the existing sea front and connect it to the city, London-based design studio Tonkin Liu took a stand and came up with an exciting project. Here is a description from the architects: “The Dover Esplanade harnesses the architectural language of Dover’s identity; the gentle nature of waves on the sheltered beach, the rhythmical sweep of the Georgian Seafront Terrace and the undulating topography of the White Cliffs of Dover. The creation of three new waves brings a new interactive dynamism to esplanade: Lifting Wave, Resting Wave and Lighting Wave. The three waves each make contextual reference to place, responding to the environmental conditions of the seafront location; each fulfill social tasks in the form of physical provision and through psychological association; each explore themes at the scale of the city and at the fine scale of construction detail. By looking for inspiration in the context of Dover as well as the broader context of the sea, and by asking people and the place “what it wanted to be?” Tonkin Liu have added something particular to the public realm.” Increased attractiveness of the sea front, more public spaces for relaxation and further opportunities for the development of local business are just some of the immediate benefits that this project brings.