This is no ordinary chair  – it`s an interpretation of the problems that couples face today. Most couples end up forgetting why they are together in the first place – this is where the Confessions Chair from French based designer Arik Levy comes in. It reminds people of the love and truth behind their relationships: “With his installations, Arik confesses, bares his soul and invites us to do the same. His starting point is the observation that most Parisian couples end up divorcing and that building a life as a couple is an extremely fragile enterprise. Failure to communicate well is often at the root of this problem. Taboos and unspoken truths eat away at a couple’s harmonious existence. Confessions allow this trust to be rebuilt.” says a representative of the Parisian Galerie SLOTT. The limited edition furniture features a base design borrowed from the Catholic Church’s communications tools, but the proportions were modified to have a slightly larger seating area, as if it wanted to make room for all the emotions.