One of a kind houses are becoming more and more expressive and impressive. For example, this next home is an artistic version of a comfortable house, but it also has the feel of an extremely personalized architecture and exterior design. The Modernist House situated on Ledgewood Drive in the east Hollywood canyons is very different from other houses listed by Rose and Chang. It is a single family home, with a 2,490 square foot building site on a 7,650 sq foot lot. The bold modern residence features 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, living and dining rooms, and a kitchen with pro-style appliances. Every corner of the house seems to have its own story to tell. A large open area lies at the base of the house, complete with huge windows that let the sun in and soften the walls painted in black. Bricks are combined with glass, wood and concrete to create a unique home with an unusual architecture. Althoug the home has some weird things about it, I bet you can find your own favourite thing in this house.

Via Ifitshipitshere