Years ago concrete was considered the utilitarian construction material for sidewalks, foundation walls and driveways. Today concrete comes in a variety of colors, applications and uses, and looks nothing like it did in years past. Creative applications of concrete can be used as your kitchen countertop to your bathtub material! Concrete can be formed into almost any shape and it relatively inexpensive to purchase, compared to stone and granite materials. Read on, I’ll bet there are some uses of concrete you didn’t even realize existed!

  • Concrete floors: Flooring, especially in high traffic commercial applications is what most people associate concrete floors with. Residential concrete floors can be stained, sealed or painted any color in the rainbow to create the perfect color for your application.  Exposed concrete floors are common now in loft and urban homes and sealing the concrete with a clear finish makes concrete take on a beautiful and industrial appeal. Etched concrete flooring produces decorative engraving patterns for a not-so-usual concrete floor.
  • Kitchen countertops: One of the gorgeous benefits of concrete is that it can be formed into almost any shape. With form work, concrete can making sweeping curves and angled cantilevers. Kitchen countertops are no exception to this design creativity.  Whether you like the simple lines of natural concrete or you prefer colored concrete, the choices are limitless. For design ideas visit a kitchen designer who has worked with concrete counters for guidance and inspiration ideas.
  • Concrete in the bathroom: Similar to the kitchen the bathroom has opportunities for high design or simple lines. Bathtubs that once use to only be made from cast iron, or porcelain, are now starting to use concrete for simplicity of form. Modern and minimalist bathrooms have taken on the use of concrete bathtubs the most.  Browse modern interiors and grab inspiration from home décor magazines. Many bath and kitchen designers will have concrete designers they can recommend for ideas, including custom bathtubs!
  • Exterior forms: The majority of ultra modern architecture homes use concrete to convey sharp angles, sweeping lines and massive forms. Concrete is one of the few building materials that can take on the changes in climatic changes beautifully. Concrete has been used in a multitude of innovative products like light emitting concrete. This concrete allows light and figures to be seen through the concrete! This type of concrete works well in homes that want to convey subtle design with light trickling through the ‘porous’ surface. Also would look great in hallways that share a space with an exterior wall.

Concrete in your home can beautify your space with bold or subtle detailing. Start with the exterior of your home and move to the interior when thinking of options. Concrete is a material that should be thought through in detail because it can be commanding in presence. You will never look at concrete the same again in your home and who would want to!?

Freshome reader’s do you like concrete in your home? Have any nifty ways to display that we haven’t thought of? Leave us your suggestions.