Tourism is a domain with more and more followers with each passing day. Here is a great design idea that should meet the needs of travelers everywhere. From NotNeutral, these stylish porcelain plates are gathered under the “City Plates” collection and feature maps of famous city centers. They have a diameter of 12”, which is more than enough for a cool vivid map, perfect for analyzing during launch breaks. Their design is impeccable and the contrast between the black or white background and the strong colors is quite lovely. Rome, London, Tokyo, Mexico City, Cairo, Dubai, New Orleans are just some of the cities featured in this set. Aside for being a great addition in any kitchen and making meals more….consistent, the “City Plates” collection is also an inspiring gift idea. The price for these plates is 50$ for one piece and around 175$ for a pack of 4 plates. What do you think? Could these designs stir your appetite ?- via Homeklondike