The Jardim Paulista House in Sao Paulo, Brazil, is designed by Brazilian architect Arthur Casas. Proving to be an interesting project from the very start, this home was constructed on two lots. One of the lots remained almost intact, because it was necessary to allow the Atlantic Jungle species to grow here. The area is one of the most valuable regions of the city, with wild plants growing protected inside the Jardim Paulista garden. Allowing the plants to flourish in a beautiful and protected environment is part of the statement made by this home – a promise to take care of nature and respect its incredible creations. The house was constructed facing the garden so that the inhabitants can enjoy the wild plants with only a swimming pool separating the two worlds.

Neutral colours and a vast usage of wood make the interior design look embedded into nature. Large sliding doors create a strong connection with the outside and allow fresh air and sunshine to move freely through the living areas. Wood is a recurring motif – it can be found in the frames of the windows, the cladding on the outside and the furniture found in all the rooms. Some pieces of furniture keep a raw form only to accentuate the blending of natural and contemporary design. Simple drapes protect the intimacy of the inhabitants and offer shade whenever necessary. Bold lines in the design are soften by the use of neutral colours that emphasize a slow paced world where guests can relax in the company of the home owner.