We recently received some photos of a newlywed apartment designed by Stanley Tham. This energetic crib located in Rivervale Crescent, Singapore inspires freshness and an overall positive atmosphere. We really enjoyed reading the designer’s “afterthoughts” on the apartment and are certain so will you:”Happiness is contagious. The idiosyncratic, playful spirit in this home evolved from a fun design process I had with the happily newly-married couple. And my, what fun we had indeed! Here, we had wanted to prove that colors can’t clash and a space can still look chic even when it is bursting with multiple colors. To visualize the scheme, think vibrant and decadent. Yes, it is also very much about self-indulgence – a space that’s comfy but filled with stuff that has meaning to you. Personal style should make you happy and happiness is chic. From the boutique hotel-inspired rooms to the rejuvenated contemporary kitchen, every corner seeks to be smile-inducing.”