Created by KINZO, a Berlin based design team, this furniture collection known as KINZO AIR is both elegant and highly functional. Developed  for bau+art, the set was recently expanded by adding the AIR CABIN, a beautiful monolithic locker that can “accommodate” a large amount of books and files. KINZO designer Karim El-Ishmawi comments: “KINZO AIR is an office furniture programme with a resolutely futuristic design approach. Every piece of furniture has a distinctive sculptural and architectural quality – functionality does not need to rhyme with blandness. Supersized cable ducts, steal skids instead of table legs and many other details make office work easier and more inspirational. Our filing cabinet is a logical addition to the programme. With its abstract and sleek design it can either be used as a multi-functional partition in every open-plan office, as an elegant cabinet for the executive’s office or even as a high-class sideboard in modern living rooms.” How would you group the items in this unusual collection?