T House was designed by Atelier Boronski and is located on a small hill overlooking Kyoto in Japan. The architects confronted with a series of interdictions while elaborating this beautiful home for a young couple, but managed to overcome every obstacle. Integrated in a beautiful natural landscape, the overall design features elements that maximize this advantage, such as the wide windows which offer unobstructed views in all directions. Here is more on the structure of the project from the architects: “There are three primary elements at work in this composition. The main external walls (running east/west), the private volumes (overlapping and bridging) and the resultant void space extending above the LDK. The main Living, Dining, Kitchen area on the first floor opens onto the main terrace facing the garden to the east allowing classical indoor/outdoor living, and the ceiling height in this area varies from 2.5m to 7.5m. As you move through this area can you clearly perceive the three primary elements.”

The house also accommodates two main bedrooms, a guest bedroom at the third floor, two terraces and a garage. One of the focal points of the residence is the curved stairway which connects the three levels. This element combined with the open spaces gives this residence its “social” role. We are looking forward to seeing how this building looks once its interior design is finished.