We came across some interesting stairs design. Process, in collaboration with Atelier Sad, put their minds together to design a few interiors for different clients. There are two homes which surprised us with a beautiful element that they have in common: the stairs. The Krnany home and the Studentska house both feature creatively designed stairs with contemporary looks. The first design is made from wood, with geometrical forms that compliment the rest of the interior design. These lattice stairs look incredible in the modern home – they rest on two steps made from concrete, which gives them dynamicity and elegance. The second set of stairs have railings that resemble a fishing net – the lattice motif is once again present, but this time the material and display are different. Built on a metal support, this set of stairs also acts like shelves for quick storage. The stairs themselves are unusual – they seem to be made from wooden boxes and need a little getting used to because of their placement. Innovative and beautiful, both set of stairs invite guests to relax in a modern setting and enjoy something a bit different that what they are used to.