Created by Italian designers Doriana Fuksas and Massimiliano Fuksas, the Mumbai Furniture Collection gathers gorgeous contemporary office furniture in one creative set. An executive table, a low sideboard and a taller cabinet form the collection. The desk is made from two sheets of plywood surrounding a lattice structure made of laser cut steel. Round corners give each piece of furniture an elegant and modern look, while the veneered surfaces and the visible edge of the plywood have a transparent polyurethane semi-open pore finishing. The name of the collection represents “something new, lively and innovative like the vibrant city Mumbai in India“, says Doriana Fuksas in an interview. Beautifully crafted, the three furniture items in the collection share the same design lines, but the desk is actually made using a unique technique that folded the plywood to the limits of the material’s capacity, creating an ingenious desk design. The legs of the cabinets make them look like speech bubbles – a creative way to use playfulness in the design.