Beautiful hand blown glass bulbs can really change the tone of any room. Round bubbles of light can mark out important details in your interior design that will increase the chances of having the perfect home. Lindsey Adelman`s Studio creates beautiful light bulbs in different shapes, sizes and numbers. From a single bubble pendant light to a centipede-like structure of bulbs, Lindsey and her team create wonderful, handmade luxury lighting. Whether you want clear bulbs and bronze finishes, brass arms and murrine glass globes, brushed brass with a combination of globes or cane globes with LED lights, one of Lindsey`s collection pieces will surely find its place in your home. Some of the globes have a structure of branching arms, other have satin nickel finish. So you can see how many incredible choices there are.

Lindsey Adelman also creates high luxury items like 24k gold finish with murrine and gold foil globes. One of the most interesting works are the knotty bubbles – a collection of hand blown glass globes tied together with an intricate system of knots. They come on a black or posh rope. “The barnacle-like forms are rolled in 23k gold.  The grouping is evocative of shipwrecked pirate’s treasure, snarls of Baroque jewelry, and submerged slow growth”. Finished in vintage brass with white cane globes, sconces are also a good choice for your home.