Your home can always use a shot of warmth, right? Consider using orange in your home. Orange isn’t only for welcoming fall and Halloween.  While it reminds us of pumpkins and falling leaves, it looks good in your home year around.   Orange has become the “IT” color on fashion runways, automobile interiors, and now home décor. Muted tones of orange, rust, and tangerine are in every magazine that you can get your hands on.  See how orange can warm your décor and your mood by using it all around your home.

  • Bring nature into your home: Fruits and vegetables make beautiful centerpieces, using oranges, pumpkins, and gourds.  Changing leaves in oranges, rust, reds and yellows can make a welcome basket at your front door in your foyer.  Decorative wreaths and orange inspired fall garlands around your front door will bring warmth to the exterior of your home as the weather starts to grow cooler.
  • Add spice to your kitchen: Orange is often thought of as the bright, in your face color that is overbearing and loud.  Any color can have a loud side and a soft side… and anywhere in between can lay the color for your home. In kitchens, orange can spark imagination on the kitchen cabinets, or can be used in accents in the backsplash.  If you like a more subdued kitchen, keep the colors neutral and add accents of orange with lighting and seating.
  • Orange can evoke creativity: Orange makes your eyes and brain become active and creative.  Use it in areas that you want to feel creative and energized to work. Home offices, craft rooms, and children’s playrooms are perfect! Use a darker pumpkin orange for areas that are more sophisticated and use a brighter tone in youthful play areas.  Pair orange with hot pink for a funky girl’s room. For a boy’s room orange and black, blue or purple are classic athletic team colors that boys love.
  • Bring the tropics in: Orange is associated with warm weather, the tropics and relaxing.  If your home is tired of the cold weather, bring in orange and feel the warmth instantly.  Window treatments, paint color and mix and match tropical fabrics on throw pillows will make you want to run and get your bathing suit! Pair orange with yellows, and blues in varying hues to bring the tropical islands to your home without leaving the comfort of your home.
  • Make a statement: If you prefer bold and stylish, orange is your color.  Find a bold piece of furniture in a striking orange and see how it lifts the spirit of the entire room. Orange can be a focal point of a room and make the chore of decorating an entire room that much simpler. Add decorative pillows and an orange area rug to an all white couch. Your room will transform from stark and formal, to fun and comfortable.

Orange in varying shades can spark energy, and comfort all in one room.  Since orange encompasses red and yellow it borrows cues from each in creating warmth with a bit of spark.  Used in small or large quantities, see how orange will make your guests envious and your family members happy.  Celebrate the color orange in your home décor and see how the mood will change in your home for the better.

Freshome reader’s when do you use orange in your home décor? Do you only use it for the fall or have you found creative ways to bring orange into your everyday living? Leave us comments; we’d love to hear how you use this gorgeous color.