This original looking store was designed by Swiss firm OOS for Albert Reichmuth (a famous wine company), and is located in Zurich. The classy wine showroom also known as “LA GALERIE DU VIN” was especially developed for wine lovers and is not only a place for sale, but also a gathering area for the “connoisseurs”. Within the store, customers can taste from the various samples and share ideas during themed seminars. Here is more informations from OOS: Some 1,500 unbranded wine cases from the Bordeaux region cover the entire room up to the ceiling, creating a cave-like environment. The wooden cases are simultaneously an architectural element and a part of the furniture. Arranged in a grid pattern they serve as a platform for about 570 wines, books, seating areas and illuminated table display cabinets. The mostly French wines are spatially divided into various geographical regions and groupings, which conceal specific histories, cultures and landscapes. The reception counter is located in the middle of the room – it is equipped for wine consultation and with its violet and ruby colours provides quite a contrast to the wood of the wine cases. The original method of presentation together with the elaborate lighting design create more than just a wine showcase. As passers-by enter, they are “confronted” with an impressive gallery, a true wine museum.