Here is an interesting chair designed by Neil Macqueen for  Unofuori Studio. The Diviso Stool has an original appearance, was made from lightweight materials and can hold up to 120 kilos. The uncommon chair can easily contract and expand, making it possible for it to provide seating place for one, two or three persons. The designer sent us the press release for this product, which has been already exhibited at Designersblock 2010 as part of the London Design Festival: Creating a piece of furniture that flowed and changed with the users perspective, while also being easy and cost effective to make; was at the heart of the stool’s creation. The resulting stool consists of a single profile, one shape, whose defining feature is what is missing and not what is on show. The negative space created inside the Diviso stool plays with light and perspective, creating a seaming complexity through the repetition of the single simplistic profile. This principle of repetition also lends the stool to multiple forms, the Diviso stool can extend or contract in size, seating three or just the one person; depending on how many profiles are used“. According to the same press release, four versions of the Diviso Stool are available: all natural plywood, stained black plywood, aluminium/plywood, and a limited edition ghost. For more information on this product, you can contact the designer here.