The Black Pearl Residence in Rotterdam, the Netherlands was constructed by Studio Rolf and Zecc Architecten. The two firms collaborated in architecture and interior design to rejuvenate what once was just an abandoned, neglected home in a disadvantaged neighbourhood. This renovating idea is part of Rotterdam`s building revival program: houses in disadvantaged neighbourhoods are given a new face and sold as a one family residence, not as an apartment building, like it used to be. Keeping the original facade, Zecc Architecten revived it by painting it in black and them mounting white steel frames to form windows. The contemporary look created by the mismatched elements continues on the inside of the building.

The building kept its original shell, but the inside was recreated to fit three levels: the studio, the house and the roof garden. On the five meters tall first level the studio and workshop are located. A glossy white staircase leads up to the living area, separated by a sculpture from the other spaces on the floor. Screwed together bars form the sculpture that separates the space into artistic dimensions of the interior. Three major colours were used: black, white and grey, the last one had different shades all throughout the home. The interior walls were kept original as much as possible to add to the charm of the home. Amazing interiors and an outside that plays with shapes and shadows make this house a wonderful renovated success.