Pilar’s Story Toyshop designed by Elia Felices is definitely not an ordinary kids” store. Located in Mataró (Barcelona), the toy outlet covers and area of 170 square meters and resembles a miniature fantasy world. Here is the official description from the designer: “The facade consists of the frame of a mirror that marks off the interior and simultaneously invites us to cross it to enter the shop. Another circular form joined to the arch contains the backlit logotype of the establishment. The visitor passes through the frame to a fantasy world, as in the children’s story of “Alice through the looking glass”. Together, these frontal elements act as the threshold, marking the frontier between our world and the world of fantasy. The colours that personalize the project are the lime-green already present in the frame of the front and pink fuchsia. Both contribute happiness, vitality and energy to the project, in addition to combining to the perfection with the surrounding white of the whole space.  The above-mentioned colours give small touches of fantasy that are further complemented by the lighting.” The toyshop was designed not only to attract children, but people of all ages. We know we would certainly take a look inside if we were around.