The Montone Collection of Lights from Jacco Maris are a dream: twisting shapes take  your breath away while they sinuously create an amazing array of lighting fixtures. Striking design makes these wonderful chandeliers stand out on any ceiling. Subtle elegance fills the space that each piece of lighting is occupying. Ribbons made from metal gracefully shroud the supporting structure made from thin metal bars that each have a light bulb at the end.  The thin undulating metal strips are actually the most important trademark of Jacco Maris Design. These are all handmade lighting fixtures, beautifully created by hand by Jacco Maris, in collaboration with Ben Quaedvlieg. Stainless steel, black steel and brass, the distinctive materials used by the designer, add to the glamorous effect of the lights. Used in any space, residential or commercial, the lights from Montone Collection will be the primary focus point. This is how Jacco Maris describes the collection: “Cohesive force. Ultimate coordination. Unity in balance. Enchanting effect. Moment of contemplation…”