Crealev are the ones who designed these fun Levitating Lamps. Based on magnetic levitation, the lamps atract attention while defying gravity. The company`s levitating technologies evolved from a professional collaboration between Angela Jansen and Ger Jansen – daughter and father. They combined their expertise in Dutch design and mechatronics to develop this levitating technology. These levitating lamps, part of the LOS! Collection, are either classic or modern in design, touching opposing poles when it comes to the looks, but using the same amazing  technology. There are two beautiful designs to choose from: LOS#1 and LOS#2 are the two different design routes taken by Crealev. Using LED lights, Los#1 was created in a classic design, to accentuate the combination between vintage design and modern technology, while Los#2 has a contemporary shape. The lamps feature gaps of 3,4cm each and come in black and white. Los#2 was born after the classic design, as a response to modern visual trends: “The philosophy behind this model is that it adapts it’s environment, therefore we call it the Chameleon.” Both models are beautiful in their own way and the good news is that no matter if you like classic or contemporary design, there is a Los out there for you.