Home décor that brings in curvilinear forms, soft colors and an appreciation for asymmetry are all feminine decorative qualities that don’t focus on gender. If you love the feel of free flowing interiors and subtle hues over bold ones, your décor style may be fit for feminine qualities. Read on to see how your home can benefit from an eclectic mix of feminine amenities and décor.

  • Soft muted colors: While some would think that only using pink adds a feminine appeal, soft muted tones of any color are feminine. Thus is the beauty of the color spectrum. Choose your favorite color and use a muted or grayed down version of this color to create a soft palette of color in any room. Pair up the colors with darker or contrasting accents to give the room weight and visual interest.
  • Curvilinear form: Feminine decorative qualities lend themselves to free form and curving lines as opposed to strict geometries. While modern interiors are usually more linear, traditional and romantic décor styles tend to be more feminine. Script and scroll wrought iron headboards and ornate details in wood, metals and stone work wonderfully in feminine interiors.  Consider using natural elements such as lighter woods and leather to counteract soft materials and lines.
  • Lush materials and fabrics: Who doesn’t love diving into a sumptuous bed of downy comforters and fluffy pillows? Try using soft materials and fabrics to soften up the hard lines of furniture. Accent rugs that have plush texture, along with touchable textiles are feminine qualities in your main living spaces. Depending on your style, pair feminine decorative features to masculine ones to give each room its own dynamic feel.
  • Random geometry: Do you prefer asymmetry as opposed to all your decorative elements aligning? Feminine décor enjoys the randomness of design and asymmetry, rather than symmetrical groupings. For displaying collections and grouping pictures, use this generic rule of thumb. If your personal style is more of a free spirit, and you prefer organized chaos, you will love feminine décor cues throughout your home.
  • Playful pairings: Since feminine colors lend themselves more to pastels than bold solids, don’t think that you can’t pair colors, and patterns together for a cohesive marriage of aesthetics. Light pastel colors pair up beautifully with dark browns, blues and even black. Feminine décor doesn’t have to be used throughout every element of your space. If you choose to use light colors on your walls, then carry it through to your textiles, and mix and match the interplay of colors of darker ones in the accessories and flooring.

Don’t be put off by the term ‘feminine’ when it comes to décor.  It symbolizes an idea and mood, rather than a physical characteristic. From the muted colors and random lines of furniture and finishes to the use of soft materials and textiles, your home can benefit from these amenities. Get inspiration through your favorite online home décor resources. Believe it or not, every space usually pairs multiple décor styles. Try and pick out the feminine ones that resonate with you.

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