Porches are an extension of your inside home and any opportunity you get to maximize its appeal you should take advantage of it. For most small porch owners they think there isn’t much to do with a small space, especially when it comes to adding decorative color appeal. With the addition of color your small porch will be a pleasure to look at from the inside and outside. Here are tips to beautifully add color to your porch.

  • Keep it simple: When decorating a small space, the best idea is to keep it simple and uncluttered. Have minimal seating and enough room to walk between furnishings and enjoy the seating area. Add color with an overhead trellis of flowers, or paint it in a bright color to contrast the rest of the porch. The more you accentuate the architectural details of your porch with color, the more it will come alive with personality
  • Flooring can beautify your space: Whether your porch is concrete, wood, or tile a colorful floor will make your porch come alive. For concrete consider staining the floor to add visual interest from the usual gray. Stain wood decking with a beautiful terra cotta coral, deep brown or aged umber can create southwestern hue to your cold porch. Add an area rug for softness to the cold floor and one more layer of color!
  • Small porch, big ideas: You may be limited by your space but you don’t have to be limited by your ideas. If you have a covered porch, consider hanging plants, lights and colorful paper lanterns to bring color to the space. If you have a railing, use it to hang colorful real or artificial flowers in flower planters. In the fall and winter seasons, artificial flowers placed in decorative planters will help you stay happy and festive throughout the cooler season.
  • Bring color into the furniture: Even if your porch can only fit two chairs, this is an opportune way to bring a burst of color to the space. Use fun colors and patterned cushions, or spray paint the plastic or metal chairs in bright cheery colors. For a screened in porch, consider using slip covers over chairs for a more formal look for evening or a Sunday Brunch!  Even if the weather doesn’t permit sitting outside every day, the first sunny day may be great for catching up on the newspaper or magazine for fresh air for an hour.

Your porch can come alive with color and inspiration with a coat of paint on your chairs and coordinated throw pillows and playful fabrics. Make your small porch feel like a hidden oasis with carefully chosen pops of color. For a personalized look, take colors from your interiors and bring them outdoors. When you sit inside your home it will elongate the space and make your porch feel one with the interior. Remember your home is unique, and a small porch is just one way to make it feel alive!

Freshome readers tell us how you make the most of your small porch. Do you decorate it with plants and colorful fabrics? We’d love to hear your ideas!