Bang & Olufsen remain true to sound and style with the BeoSound 8 new docking station for iPhone, iPod, and iPad. High-end design and amazing technological features, the BeoSound 8 can be placed in any room or even hang on the wall. As long as there is an outlet it can be plug into, the dock is ready to go. Rare sound quality combined with the simple and modern design leave you speechless when you turn it on for the first time. The conic speakers not only help with the overalll design, creating a contemporary shape, but also  eliminate standing waves by avoiding parallel surfaces. Measuring  26? x 9.4? x 6.5? , BeoSound is made from painted plastic, aluminium, and white, black or coloured fabric. It also has a USB input for non-dockable devices and comes with a remote control, wall bracket and tablet stand. Beautiful both visual and technological, BeoSound 8 is a dream to have for your iStuff. – Via BlueAntStudio