Blairgowrie Court Residence is much more than a beautifully shaped home that challenges visual and spatial perspectives. Constructed in the Melbourne suburb of Brighton, The Blairgowrie Court Residence is a wonderful home, complete with an amazing lap pool and heavily vegetated water gardens. A deck in the backyard allows relaxation and meditation – the deck seems to be floating over the water garden, offering enough peace of mind to keep you coming back for more. The view of the bay from the office is an oasis of relaxation much needed during stressful times.

Australian architect Frank Macchia combined curved elements with rectangular volumes and created a rippling effect on the front facade of the house. Two taller walls give a different perspective on the house, especially by having been created with contrasting constructing materials, for a unique effect.  Inside, the ripple effect can be seen where the interior meets the exterior, creating an undulating line that connects the two spaces. For the most part, the interior has straight lines, adding to the contemporary feel of the house. Four bedrooms and three bathrooms offer that feeeling of home, while the living area becomes the perfect setting for entertaining guests. Wood and glass, stone and concrete, all the materials used to build this house are in perfect harmony with each other. Chocolate walls are diluted by natural light coming through the huge sliding doors.  Every angle of the house dominates through it`s superior design and a gorgeous detail in the bathroom accelerates the desire to have the same thing at home: the bathtub pierces the wall in the master bathroom, allowing an interesting view while bathing. Every corner and every piece of furniture fits perfectly in this home – thanks to designer Franck Macchia.