One of the challenges of decorating your home is to keep it feeling personalized and unique.  While masculine details can refer to men oriented details, they can also refer to strong geometrics, rich color, and absence of ornate detailing. Masculine details in a home can appeal to both genders and can be used in any room of your home.   If you like décor that has a rustic side or a clean and modern appeal, masculine details are for you. Follow these tips to bring them into your home.

  • Rich color and details: Dark color palettes such as brown, black, deep blue and purples lend themselves to masculine detailing. Of the color spectrum, each color has a rich, dark version that will look great in your space.  Don’t limit yourself to only a few colors. Pair up dark colors with neutral walls and flooring to counterbalance dark furnishings and décor.
  • Natural materials: The use of wood, brick, and organic materials symbolize the outdoors and rustic elements. Masculine details use these finishes in flooring, exposed walls and rich furniture materials. To use in your home opt for exposed ceilings, structure and aged surfaces. Less refined furniture is a masculine quality as is strong lines. Rustic rock and natural stone accents will bring the outdoors in, and create a oneness with nature in your home.
  • Strong geometry: What sets a room off with masculine details is a strong use of vertical and horizontal lines. Modern minimalist design is very much masculine and is works well in homes that like to have open space and vision lines. Strong geometry works when you can spot it immediately in a room. If you choose to use strong lines, declutter your home and spaces for it to command attention in a room.
  • Let in light: Masculine details tend to be dark and rich, and without good light sources, can make your spaces feel dark and gloomy. To counteract the darkness use light to bring in healthy glow to your home. This will help the room feel not too heavy, and will showcase your details in the best way. When using masculine details, consider using plenty of artificial lighting in the evening as well. This will help to avoid the “cave like’ appeal the space can cast.
  • Order: Instead of scattering pillows on a bed, or having random pictures placed on the wall, masculine details include order. Keeping along with the geometry theme, décor that is placed in an orderly fashion and at 90 degree angles are more in line with masculinity.  For a change in position of art work or collectibles, considering grouping items in threes. This will throw a bit of design and harmony mixed with the order concept.

Your home can include masculine details that give your home visual interest and a strong personality. Bring in your own ideas of how to use rich color, natural material, geometry and order into your space.  You will be surprised how easy it is and how it can appeal to both genders. If you share your space, ask them what they like in a space, it will help you all come to a healthy compromise. The resolution doesn’t have to be only masculine; a few feminine details may balance out your home too!

Freshome reader’s what do you consider masculine details? Do you have them in your home? Share with us your comments, we love hearing from you!