Grosfeld Van der Velde Architects wanted to bring the beautiful nature inside this house near the southern parts of the Netherlands, near a town called Breda. Named House KvD, this modern building rests between the trees of Teteringen forest. Its square shape allows you to enjoy the wonderful surrounding environment through the large windows as you move along the corridors. An interior courtyard is formed between the ground floor and the elevated part of the square. The kitchen is located on ground, the living area is located in the tallest part of the building, while the bedrooms are lifted by the pylons for a better view of the forest.

The entrance in the house is made from the interior courtyard. Beautiful large windows create an artistic look – the framed windows offer a cut-out of the forest panorama. The facade is made from vertically placed black stained wood cladding, which gives it a majestic feel observed first by looking at the house`s massive size. Tall ceilings in the living are amplify the majestic feeling and offer incredible framed views of the forest. A beautiful detail, the small patio in front of the kitchen enlarges the living space during sunny days. When the large sliding doors are open, the sunshine and fresh, frisk air of the forest can rush right in.