Thanksgiving is a perfect holiday to bring autumn décor and eco-friendly organic touches into your home. From your dining room table to your front door, this time of year has the tradition of using resources that enliven the spirit and make your home feel welcome. The centerpiece on your table doesn’t HAVE to be a turkey, and a bowl of gourds and white pumpkins can look just as festive.  For 10 ways to organically decorate your Thanksgiving home, read on.

1.) Welcome guests at your front door: Instead of buying a wreath, how about using elements found in your backyard? From hay, raffia leaves, and pine cones, your front door can use organic products that mean more because they are one of a kind to your home. Shape them into a wreath, or recycle one from last year and add on natural elements.

2.) Decorate your front porch: Whether you like pumpkins and gourds, or prefer a hay bale, your front porch can welcome Thanksgiving with a earth friendly resources. Potted plants with orange, brown and rust foliage can add beautiful color next to your front door!

3.) Use fruits & vegetables for your centerpiece: Colored corn in the husk, squashes and acorns, coupled with candles and votives make a beautiful centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table. Use a basket or cornucopia and fill with fruits and vegetables that are edible and organic.

4.) Use leaves in your home: Leaves can be used for décor mixed with berries, ribbon, and wire. Use tougher leaves like Magnolia and Oak leaves for coasters for your drink. Let kids use them for crafts and decorate them with glitter, beads, and markers. Even make early Christmas ornaments with them!

5.) Garland ideas: Use grapevine or wiry tree branches to make garland. Garland looks great around your front door, arch ways, and stair railings throughout your home.  Browse your favorite home décor magazines for inspiration.  Depending on the height of your doorways, garland can be a simple décor addition.

6.) Tree branches: If you live near mature trees, use branches and limbs on your fireplace mantle to bring festive rich color to the fireplace. Nestle in miniature pumpkins, leaves, cranberries and straw to make the branches come alive. Natural outdoor touches brought inside pulls in nature and holiday themes without being overbearing.

7.) Lighting: Candles, soft lights and outdoor luminaries make beautiful additions to your home at the holidays. To make luminaries, take small paper bags filled with enough sand to cover the bottom of the bag. Use votive tea candles to put in the bottom and light when it gets dark. Luminaries are used in many cultures to signify the holiday season.

8.) Kid’s crafts: There are dozens of natural holiday craft ideas kids can make for holiday decor. From making crafts with nature inspired, leafs, rocks and pine needles to going on a nature hike to find their craft items. How much fun they will have decorating your home!

9.) Place cards: To decorate each place setting use a natural product for each person’s plate: Make hand written place cards and attach them to acorns, nuts, on each plate for an original dinner plate. For a more formal dinner, write up the menu and the courses of the dinner along each table setting.

10.) Fresh flowers: Regardless of the season, fresh flowers are a treat in themselves. Use rich reds, oranges, and yellows to bring a holiday Thanksgiving tone to your arrangement. Use apples, pumpkins, and other festive fruit to make it an original arrangement that your guests will love!

Your Thanksgiving home can bring nature and the holiday’s together wonderfully. Take a walk around your home, visit your grocery store. Believe it or not, your decorations are already around you. It’s up to you and your imagination to bring them alive.

Freshome readers tell us how you decorate your home for Thanksgiving! Share with us, we always enjoy hearing from you!