The Tellada House seems to be levitating at a first glance. This is actually a visual illusion – the house maintains the slope of the land, while blending in with the natural environment, with trees that bring shade and comfort. Eco-friendly features earned it the prize from Juan de Vega Foundation. The Spanish designers from Rosales and Crecente Architects created this home in the forest from wood, the basic material for the exterior of the house, as well as the surrounding area. Placed in a small forest of oak, birch and chestnut trees, the Tellada House surprises with its modern appearance that amazingly fits right in.

The interior features lighter colour wood, which brightens up all the rooms. Large windows make the connection between the inside and the outside, creating an open visual space that continues well into the forest, as far as the eye can see. A beautiful interior garden breaks the rustic feeling seen from outside. Warm colours light up the study room and a wooden sliding door transforms the open space into separate rooms. The simple, clean lines of the kitchen accentuate any details – like, for example, the cheerful dishes. Perfectly blended with the colours of the nature in autumn, this home gives a rustic vibe although it has a contemporary architectural design. – Photos: Santos-Diez