Is there anything more relaxing than curling up with a good book and escaping from the realities of your everyday life? A reading nook combines your favorite space in your home, a comfortable seating area and plenty of light.  For many who enjoy reading the idea of trying to create the perfect space is time consuming and mentally overwhelming. Here are some tips for creating a relaxing reading nook in your home and leaving the cares of the world outside!

  • What area of your home inspires/relaxes you: When you read you want the area in which you relax to be special for you.  Whether it’s the corner of the living room near the big beautiful window or it’s a rocking chair on your porch, watching the world go by. You should pick a space that makes you feel great but also allows you to concentrate and engulf yourself into your reading.
  • Choose seating: A relaxing reading nook wouldn’t be complete without comfortable seating. Depending on your décor and lifestyle this could be a couch or an oversized chair. Remember your nook should be personalized and comfortable. Depending on your seating, make sure it can be moved or adjusted depending on light sources and/or temperature changes in the room.
  • Natural lighting: A sunlight source should be thought through when creating your reading nook. Your area should have the ability to let in natural light and avoid direct bright sunlight that can be harsh to your eyes and cause squinting or a glare. Consider using window treatments such as sheers to diffuse harsh light if needed.
  • Artificial lighting: In the evening, your reading nook needs to have warm and inviting light, as well as the option for a brighter light source. Floor lamps, wall sconces and table lamps are ideal next to your reading nook seating. For flexibility of lighting consider using a 3 way light bulb that can adjust in wattage.  Test your lighting conditions at various times to ensure you have ample light. Try using lighter weight and color lamp shades to make the most of the light output.
  • Add decorative touches: To make your reading nook complete bring in amenities that will make it special to you. A throw blanket and a chair pillow can help your seating area feel comfortable and adaptable.  Ensure there is ample air conditioning and heat flow in your reading area. Add photographs, flowers and a side table for resting items beside your seating area. For larger seating areas, consider having book shelving, magazine racks or open wall shelving for your ample selection of reading material.

A relaxing reading nook can be just what you and your home needs. Try to find an area that is tucked away from the noise and everyday bustle of your home. The quieter your reading area can be, the likelier you are to want to use it on an ongoing basis.  If you have space to have multiple reading nooks, in your bedroom, living area and off of the den your family members won’t all have to fight over yours!

Freshome reader’s tell us what would make the perfect reading nook for you! Share with us!