Here is a home that made us remember the beautiful aspects of winter. Sugarbowl Residence was designed by John Maniscalco Architecture and is located in a picturesque mountain village in California. The home is said to be the product of its environment and it was developed on two levels. The ground floor houses the bedroom and service spaces while the first level hosts beautiful living areas with unobstructed views of the dreamy snowy landscape. The large windows on the upper floor create a strong indoor-outdoor connection and turn this home into a perfect location for observing the unleashed spectacles of nature. We can’t help noticing just how welcoming the interiors of this home are. Wood is present in every room, creating a warm and cuddly atmosphere. The fireplace is particularly inviting and goes well with the modern feel of the living room. After seeing this home, how much do you crave for a genuine winter holiday?

Winter Dream Home in a Small Village in California: Sugarbowl Residence

winter residence

amazing winter home