UNStudio are well known for their interest in hybrid forms that add to the functionality of every object designed and created by them. Bringing together form and functionality seems to have become a wide spread interest among designers and that is a good thing: new features expand functions and new designs create never before seen forms. Traditional roles of furniture are transformed to meet modern needs. Amsterdam architects UNstudio created a simple yet modern approach to sitting at the table. Called SitTable, this hybrid form table and chair furniture comes in two versions; a small oak version with one seat and a larger white version with two seats.

The upholstered seats cater to the needs of an ever-changing communication pattern by offering the possibility of social interaction or quite time for reading in a library. The support is made from intertwining steel rods while the top part is a mixture of dark oak with wood veneers or white HPL with white veneers. The functionality of this hybrid creation from Proof is very versatile; it can take on many roles: “It is designed to serve one’s own intended purpose for functionality and arrangement. The hybrid form of the SitTable combines two pieces of multi-functional furniture, offering a variety of space-creating authority to the user.”