We recently received an e-mail from Stellavie, a graphic design studio from Hamburg, Germany, informing us of their new lampshade collection. We enjoyed their work and decided to showcase 10 of our favourite designs. But before that, here is the project description they sent us: “The lampshades are lasercut with various patterns (abstract but delicately arranged, precious embroidery transformed into contemporary pixel-baroque) on the most beautiful paper we can find: the papers are sometimes structured, sometimes shimmering, changing in colour depending on the perspective and always of the highest standard. Within our approach we are fascinated with a multitude of directions: graphic design, typography, interior and product design – in general: a love for details and surprising ideas. Graphic design meets clever understanding of materials meets modern production techniques meets interior design ideas. Carefully crafted design is translated into glowing shades of beauty.” Do you like the atmosphere these lampshades manage to create?