Prefab homes carrying eco-friendly features and recycled materials are the response of modern architecture to the growing concern of CO2 emissions. Homes across the globe now account for up to 25 per cent of all man-made CO2 emissions. Prefab homes parts are assembled in factories, so they reduce energy in construction and do not produce waste of materials on site.Many luxury developers have begun to work faster to offer clients a beautiful, modern home with eco-friendly features that can offer comfort and luxury for high-end buyers. Million dollars homes come prefabricated from companies like Huff Haus, Form and Forest or Acorn Deck House. Tailored to comply with any of the client`s needs, these prefabricated homes have only one thing in common with the “trailer park prefabs” that everyone is used to: the houses can be assembled in a very short time period. Luxurious prefab homes are starting to catch on as a new trend that brings together cutting-edge technologies and high-end materials to create a visually distinctive building.

The price is also one of the luxury traits of these houses: around $300 per square foot. Made from precast concrete or recycled materials, luxury prefab homes offer many advantages: lot selection, fast construction and preview features. Catalogs from which clients can choose amenities are also available. The contemporary visual impact that these home can offer is created by architects instead of developers. Exterior insulations, solar power, massive glazed windows, luxurious floors and a tailored architectural design is what makes these homes sell for millions of dollars.