New York based firm  Incorporated Architecture & Design created this beautiful home for a young New York couple who wanted to escape from the big city. Located in Craryville, New York, USA, the Texas Hill Road Residence embodies the inhabitant`s extensive travelling to China, Japan, Europe and South America and their background: one is a born New Yorker, while the other is a Costa Rican national of Asian descent. So the house was built taking into account several traditional Chinese construction features that were combined with a modern interior and exterior design. To protect the privacy of the family, the entrance is facing northeast but all the rooms are oriented to the southwest to get as much sun as possible. The main entrance is low and mainly closed so that the road can be reached without sharing any of the intimate details of the life inside the home.

A beautiful grey slope forms the roof with a ten foot high front facade made from big windows that ensure sun warmth but protects the home from overheating during the hot summer days but also the incredible view of the forest that filters the light. The materials used for the roof and the sides of the house is a recyclable Zalmag (a galvanized coating on steel made of 95% recycled material consisting of 11% aluminium, 3% magnesium and 86% zinc). The house rests on a wooden frame that ensures its durability. Contemporary engineering and traditional design basics created this amazing home on the forest`s edge.