Money can make your life beautiful in many ways. It is said that not money itself makes you happy but how much money you have. Artist Johnny Swing recently gave a new meaning to the idea of having money. He constructed a whole business based on change. Different values and dimensions of coins came together to form a beautiful collection of furniture.  The latest addition to this collection is “All the king`s men”, a shiny sculptural piece of furniture. Smooth and sexy, this sofa will have you feeling glamorous and luxurious in your own home. This interior design masterpiece took a lot of time to be constructed from all those coins welded together but will be one of the most important pieces of furniture once you have it in your home. An underside steel rod support helps all the coins take the shape of a  sofa.The thousands of half dollar coins let the artist play with the form that later became an amazing visual and metaphorical concept. Measuring 97″ x 52″ x 28″ inches, this iconic seating area can be seen at the Rabih Hage Gallery in London.