Plera pendant lamp was designed by Enrico Zanolla and Andrea Di FIlippo from DZstudio and comes with a highly original look and an uncommon association of materials. Here is some information from the designers: “Plera means funnel in Friulan, the language spoken in northeastern Italy. The idea was to realize a small suspension lamp which could express minimalism but with the soft touch of the wood in opposition to the cold touch of porcelain. The inversion of a simple shape like that one of a funnel creates a really simple lamp, where the wood gives the last friendly touch in contrast to the elegant and classic appearance of the porcelain.” The lamp is available in four different colors (white, yellow. red and black) and has a stylish appearance, suited for a contemporary interior. The wood-porcelain combination is not only of great aesthetic effect, but also makes the lamp adaptable to various decor arrangements.