Storage in your home doesn’t always have to be shoved behind closed doors. Some of the best storage is that which can be displayed beautifully and doubles as décor. Open shelving does just that, it enables you to store, stack and reach what you need and beautifully decorate your space. Open shelving is perfect for the kitchen, bathroom, or kid’s rooms where you want flexibility and easy access to items. Take a look at these 10 ways to bring open shelving into your home.

1.) Bright colored shelves add interest: Are you trying to bring color into your space but don’t want to paint an entire wall? How about painting open shelving with a bright bold color? Even a softer contrasting color to the rest of the space will give the added visual interest you desire.

2.) Lighting under shelving: Try using shelves that are made from a translucent material such as frosted glass and use lighting below to light your display. Display glass stemware and collectibles beautifully with under lighting.

3.) Children’s rooms: Open shelving for little ones is essential. It helps them be independent and it helps keep their rooms tidy without a lot of effort. Use taller shelving for items that an adult can reach and use lower shelves for books, toys and baskets.

4.) Open shelving in the bathroom: Your bathroom is the perfect place for display and for storage. For a spa-inspired bathroom use wood minimalist shelving and add rolled towels, and bath necessities. Consider using open shelves near the sink and toilet areas to beautifully display toilet paper, magazines and décor.

5.) Sliding panels in the kitchen: If you like the look of open shelving but want to add semi-privacy to the contents consider sliding translucent panels. You can still see the open shelving behind the panels but the dishes, and spices aren’t on display all the time.

6.) Let in the light: Do you have a beautiful window, but need extra storage too? Consider installing open shelving in front of the windows that are light and airy. Check with your local home improvement or home furnishings store for simple cable shelving that is hung from the ceiling. You will still have your view, and light will pour into your space.

7.) Small spaces love openness: When you need storage in a small space, cabinetry can make the area feel tight and closed in. Use open shelving to hold items that regularly would go on the counter. Vertical space is always forgotten, open shelving helps you take advantage of it!

8.) New look: If you’re tired of your old cabinetry, remove the doors and paint the cabinets a new color.  Color a contrasting color on the inside of the cabinets including the shelves. Install lighting inside and you have just given your space a new look. Works well in kitchens, and use contrasting dishes to make a decorative eye catcher.

9.) Display collectibles: If you have antiques, collectibles or memorabilia you’d like to display, open shelving is perfect. It allows your items to be front and center – and allows for items to not get lost in a cabinet. Use hierarchy when displaying and place taller items in the back and shorter items in the front.

10.) Matching dinnerware: Does your kitchen have matching dinnerware in color and form? Your kitchen is perfect for open shelving. Stack colored dishes in neat stacks and step back to view. You didn’t realize it before, but your dishes have now become decoration and you don’t have to even touch a wall with paint!

Open shelving is a great concept for homes that love the display and the convenience. If you do choose to use open shelving remember that now your contents are out in the open. Be wary if your home is prone to accumulate a lot of dust as it will settle in your dishes/collectibles. Every home can enjoy open shelving, how you display your house wares is the great decision you are armed with!

Freshome readers do you have open shelving in your home? If not, what’s stopping you?