Robles Arquitectos created this incredible beach Villa in Costa Rica. The house is wonderfully situated on a small hill above the ocean, 20km from away from any town. The self-sustainable structure was a challenge to the architects, as the house had to be independent and reliable in the humid environment. Peninsula de Osa, the place where this modern building is situated, is an amazing home to 5 % of the world`s biodiversity and the calming and paradise-like effect it has on the inhabitants of this house is astonishing. The building houses a multifunctional space for the ISEAMI Institute (Institute of Sustainability, Ecology, Art,Mind and and the second level of the house is used as a home by the Institute`s director.

The terrace on the first level hosts activities like investigation, meditation, training and yoga. This very low maintenance home was created in two stages: in the first stage, the architects had to take into consideration the site, climate, energy supply, materials that were used, the environment, the costs and innovations in order to make sure that the house will have the lowest impact on the nature surrounding it. The second stage developed made sure that the house sustains as little damage as possible from the environment. Being so far away from any energy source, the house had to be built to be 100% self-sufficient. A natural source of potable water is used to draw water from and solar power offers the electricity this home needs. The prefabricated parts of white steel were constructed off-site and then assembled on the spot. With any need covered, the house is a fully equipted, self-sufficient oasis of relaxation.