We received some photos of this tasteful one room apartment from Gina Malin, one of our Freshome readers. Located in Cluj Napoca, Romania, this cozy crib has a few American influences, due to the fact that its owner spends nine months a year working in Arizona. The apartment has 35 square meters and features a living room, a kitchen and a bathroom. Initially there was a wall between the living room and kitchen, but it was demounted so more living space could be gained. The owner wanted an airy home, without useless furniture items and other forms of clutter. The furniture was custom made by a friend. We really like the wall shelves and think they manage to add style, functionality and an overall warm feel. The color palette (black, white, red, silver) is engaging and not at all tiring. The apartment is located on the forth floor of a building and overlooks a beautiful forest. We really want to know how you see this place and if you consider the owner did a good job in designing this small home. We certainly do.