Over the years, more and more people search for unique ideas that will make them love their home and their life even more. For those of you who have always wanted to have the possibility of carrying around a beautiful retro style suitcase while listening to your favourite music anywhere, anytime, now you can have the BoomCase. This creation comes from Mr. SiMo, a self-proclaimed “audio-nut”, who turned vintage hard-sided suitcases into self-powered boom boxes. Wood and leather suitcases are transformed into portable boom boxes with wonderful speakers that add to the vintage charm. Prices start from $250 for a plug-in only case and at $300 for a battery and plug-in suit case. There are several modern options that helps you connect today`s technology to retro design: iPod – iPhone/USB charger ($15), double battery capacity ($45), solar power charger ($65) and wireless audio playback ($100 – must have Bluetooth compatible device). The BoomCase gives a unique charm to your home especially for those who love history and who can admire and understand the emotional baggage of this suitcase.