Brown symbolizes the earth and being grounded, and what better color to surround yourself in your home? From natural organic materials to strength in gorgeous wood flooring and furniture, brown is a classic neutral that is at home by itself or paired with color. Dark espresso brown to pale beiges evoke a sense of comfort and warmth in your everyday living and lifestyle.  Read on to see how to bring earth inspiring brown into your home.

  • Formal or casual: Brown is one of the few colors that can look dramatic and stylish is an urban penthouse, or look casual in a one bedroom eclectic apartment. Since brown occurs naturally in nature we are at peace with it around us. For a formal look, use rich brown leather seating paired with wood décor and supple textures and patterns.  In a casual setting try khaki colored seating, sea grass area rugs and varying shades of brown for wall and window treatments.
  • Sophisticated brown in the kitchen: In the past few years brown has gone from being a innocent bystander to taking center stage as a main focal point color of a room. Wood butcher block countertops and varying stains in wood cabinetry makes a kitchen the perfect place to display brown.  Whether used as a predominant color or paired with white or cream cabinetry, brown is the new sought after color in kitchens.
  • Pair brown with color: Since brown is a neutral, the color palette is open for pairing up with. Pastel colors in pink, blue and green are favorites for baby nurseries and children’s rooms. In living and bedroom areas, brown pairs with bright vibrant colors to exude a fresh and modern decorative touch. On a beige or tan couch, varying colored throw pillows, area rugs, wall art and décor pieces on display will give a balance between dramatic dark and inspiring bright colors.
  • Dining areas love brown: Whether you dining room is formal or informal, brown accents make the mood heartfelt and genuine. Look to brown for an accent wall to add visual interest or keep it simple in furnishings and lighting fixtures. Copper and antique bronze or popular trending fixture colors for lighting, plumbing, and cabinet/door hardware.
  • Rustic cues from the color brown: For homes that are in a rural, mountainous setting or want rustic cues, brown is the ideal color. Fireplaces adorned with river rock or flagstones are beautiful in their varying shades of browns, grays, and sand colors. Southwestern American décor that mimic the colors of the dessert in deep rust, chestnut, and sienna brown can fill your home with culture and warmth. Consider using these colors in your exterior palette of home colors as well.  Colors that occur naturally in nature make the best exterior colors.

For every home there is a brown shade that is appealing to most, due to the organic nature of the color. Determine if your home wants to use it as an accent in brown wood detailing and trim around windows /doors, or convey it through woodworking details around your home. It can also become the main star and become the theme color of your walls, furniture, flooring and window treatments.  Give it a try and see how brown can be more than just your average neutral color! Freshome reader’s how do you use brown in your home? Do you prefer it in your décor, or added to your wall and flooring finishes too? Thanks for sharing with us!