Your home is one of the major contributors to where your money is spent monthly. Your home is also the source for Earth depleting resources that we all are responsible for everyday. In order to save your pocket and the Earth, home energy efficiency is crucial and it isn’t hard to learn. From the extra lamp that you leave on in the bedroom to the 20 minute shower each of your family members take, it’s time to start becoming more environmentally aware.  Here are 10 home energy efficient tips that will help your family, help the earth and your wallet.

1.) Take shorter baths and showers: The amount of water a person wastes in the bathroom is the largest contributor of water consumption on your water bill. Fill the tub with less water and don’t want wait until it’s hot before you put the tub stopper in! Reduce your showering time by 40-50% to see marked difference in your water bill. Have all family members do this daily.

2.) Set lawn irrigation timers to shorter time: When watering your lawn conserve water by shortening the time for each zone of your yard. Instead of only relying on your irrigation timer, look at the weather and turn off the sprinkler when it has rained or it is anticipated. Water lawns in the early morning or late afternoon to reduce water evaporation throughout the day.

3.) Turn off extra lights: Every time you leave a room, turn off the light, it is that simple. The reality is, you can only be in one room at a time, so why light the entire house?

4.) Wash your car less often: If you wash your car at your home, try and use less water to wash your car, and wash it less often. Consider paying a car wash facility to wash your car. Most facilities will have water saving features in their equipment and in turn may save you time and energy washing your own car.

5.) Install a tankless water heater: Tankless water heaters only heat water when it is turned on, and will stop when the water is turned off. Therefore, a large pool of water isn’t sitting to be heated and you will never ‘run out’.  Tankless water heaters are more expensive than traditional tank water heaters but the long term investment is worth it.

6.) Install energy efficient appliances: Throughout your home appliances consume a large amount of electricity to run them.  Consider switching out older models with energy efficient models. Visit appliance stores for discounts on floor models and discontinued models. This will help save you money and get your home new appliances that will save energy.

7.) Turn off computers and electronics daily: Do you leave your laptop and computer always on? Believe it or not they consume a large amount of energy, especially older laptops batteries that are not as earth friendly as newer models. Turn them off daily to conserve electricity and to extend the life of your laptop battery.

8.) Turn of ceiling fans: Similarly to lights, we tend to leave ceiling fans on continuously when we aren’t in the room. Ceiling fans that are left on for hours on end can consume wasted energy. In the winter months reverse the fan to pull warm air from the ceiling and do the opposite in the summer. This will help you leave your thermostat alone too!

9.) Colder climates – install radiant heat flooring: If your climate is predominantly cold the majority of the year, radiant heat flooring can keep your heating bill down.  Flooring has radiant heat cables installed over the concrete floor and under your finish resilient floor. This can save on your energy bill and keep your home warm.

10.) Sunny climates – consider solar panels: If you live in a warm climate that receives sunny conditions the better part of the year, installing solar panels is a good idea. Solar panels convert the sun rays into energy and can be used in numerous applications in your home. From heating the water your home uses to powering electricity. Solar panels will help you harness the suns energy for the better!

Everyday there are practices you and your family can do to ensure good energy efficient practices. The difference will result in the Earth’s resources being valued and you just may spend a lot more on your energy bills! A win-win! Decide for your family where to start, you can always improve as time goes on. Freshome reader’s tell us your energy saving tricks for your home!