This beautiful and diverse home was designed by Stanic Harding Architects and is located in Hunters Hill, Australia. The project is actually a restoration and remodeling of a decaying 1950’s house situated in a privileged landscape, not far from the harbor. According to the architects, “the challenge was to create a light and airy home on this steep south facing site while maintaining connections to the garden, water and city¬†views“. Here is how they tackled with the clients’ request: “A series of three distinct pavilions were formed linked by two open courtyards allowing the house to gradually step down the site. The courtyards let sunlight enter the house via the extensive glazing on the northern facades. The transparency and deep modulation of these facades offers protection from summer sunlight while permitting winter light to reach deeply into the house. The courtyards provide access to level gardens and external living spaces so important on such a sloping¬†site.” Hiring a professional landscape architect studio (Jane Irwin ) ensured that this home’s exterior matched the incredible interior design. Photos by Paul Gosney.