The color pink has long been associated with girls and femininity, but in October pink represents a cause that doesn’t know gender, it is breast cancer awareness.  Breast cancer awareness charities have spanned from athletic events to home décor. In your home, from the vacuum you use on your floor to the kitchen mixer your use to make a cake, pink is now fashionable for more reasons than just appearance. Your kitchen loves this trend and if you’re trying to bring a boring kitchen into the modern day, see how pink is the perfect color!

  • Add accents of color with pink: If you’re thinking you have to use the “hit-yourself-over-the-head” pink, you are wrong. Consider taking a neutral palette and add bar stools and pops of color with countertop appliances and décor.  Ever notice that the cook is happier when they love their kitchen? Neutral concrete countertops and white cabinetry can make your kitchen sophisticated with an edge of whimsy.
  • Don’t forget your ‘little’ chefs: What child doesn’t love their own kitchen that looks like mom and dads? Kitchen toys that mimic the real thing look great adjacent to your kitchen or in your child’s room. Look online for specials around holiday time in popular furniture home catalogs or purchase online. Pink isn’t exclusive for girls either! Boys and girls can learn to play on any color toy – role playing is crucial for childhood development!
  • Wall color can transform your kitchen: Wall color is the easiest and cheapest way to transform your kitchen. How about using creamy beige above your cabinets and then use a shot of flamingo pink from your countertop to the underside of the upper cabinet instead of a backsplash? Paint can change as easy as your personality! If you’re daring, bring pink into your flooring, wall art and cookware. Your kitchen is an extension of you; love the space you cook in!
  • Kitchen cabinetry makes the space: Have you ever noticed how a gorgeous color of cabinetry can make or break your space? Pink doesn’t have to be refrained to only walls and fabrics. Pale pink lacquered cabinetry to hot pink painted wood cabinets, pink is the unthought-of color that’s the perfect conversation for your kitchen. To counter balance bright pink; consider using neutral countertops in black or white. Door cabinetry should be kept neutral as well, to keep the eye from bouncing around the kitchen.
  • Kitchen appliances are all popular in pink: Do you remember when the only pink appliance you could get was a toaster or a blender? Today, kitchen appliances that aren’t outfitted in pink are rare! Use them to add color to your kitchen cabinet and support a worthy cause at the same time!
  • Pair pink with rich color: To add contrast to pink, pair it with rich colors that will bring visual interest and mask the ‘femininity’ of the color. Pair pink with espresso brown, navy blue, apple green, or heather gray to give your kitchen a modern chic appeal.  For a contemporary look pair your favorite stainless steel appliances, espresso brown cabinetry and light bamboo colored flooring. You’ll love the look and the feel!

Your kitchen can be cured from its boring look with the addition of pink. If you want a one of a kind kitchen ask a local artisan in your area to paint you an inspirational piece of artwork to hang in your kitchen with hints of pink. Take color cues for your kitchen from the painting for a designer approach. Make your kitchen a joy to be in, and support breast cancer awareness for those that can’t. Who thought your kitchen could have this much class?

Freshome reader’s what do you think of a pink kitchen? Love it or hate it? Share with us!