Marcio Kogan built an amazing house with a few features that differentiate this building from anything we have seen before. Located near the largest park in Sao Pauolo, Brasil, the Corten House is built on a narrow site that made the architecture possible: a rectangular home with a very high ceiling (5.2 meters)and four folding doors that open to an outdoor deck with an incredible fireplace.  The Corten House got its name from the weathering steel that covers the exterior. Materials used for enhancing this house`s aspect and functions are a blend of stone, wood, COR-TEN steel, white mortar and glass. Floor to ceiling glass doors in the back of the house offer enough transparency for the sun to reach both the living area and the bedroom.  Outside, the entrance matches the rusty colour of the Corten, but is actually made from wood and surprises guests that walk in through the striped wooden garage door that opens onto the street.

The concept behind this house is an interesting one: a wooden cube holds the kitchen and utilities, while on its top the inhabitants can relax in the home theatre. The stairs between the cube and the main entrance leads to the next floor, where the three bedrooms are located. Another set of stairs leads up to the rooftop, an amazing deck protected by glass guard-rails where one can enjoy the heated pool while contemplating a breathtaking panorama of Sao Paulo. The interior design was conceived by Diana Radomysler and features stone walls as a perfect background for the contemporary neutral coloured furniture and intriguing art pieces. Light and space create the perfect modern combination that made this home an architectural masterpiece.